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How to choose


How to Choose the Right Portable Display Stand!

Choosing the right equipment is critical to event success; follow these simple steps to determine what you need from your equipment. 

Step 1 – Decide want you want to achieve from your display?

•   To attract customers, get more leads

•   To pass on a specific message

•   To launch a new product

•   To get people to take action

•   To use as directional signage

Step 2 - How often will the message change?

•   It will be the same for several years

•   It is a one off message

•   The message will be changed each time it is used

•   Several different messages will run simultaneously

Step 3 – Where will the banner be displayed?

•   Indoors

•   Outdoors

•   Both

Step 4 – What are your space requirements?

•   Quite narrow

•   More than 6 feet wide

•   Approached from both sides

Step 5 - How often will you be using the display?

•   One time only

•   Once a year

•   Once a month

•   Once a week or more often

Step 6 - What are your transportation requirements?

•   Back of a car

•   To be taken on a train/plane

•   Courier direct to location

Step 7 - Are there any additional requirements?

•   Hold a TV screen

•   iPad holder

•   Be ultra light weight


Now you know what you need from your equipment you are in a far better position to choose the right equipment.   Just make sure you match up your usage requirements to the product features.


⇒ Check the product dimensions

Find the Product Dimensions






⇒ Look at the usage (this is shown in the star rating system)

Product Usage






⇒ If you need to update graphics yourself look for this symbol

Changable graphics






⇒ If you need to use your equipment outdoor look for this symbol

Outdoor graphics